It took two tries but we found a week without snow and were able to have a series of meetings to meet with potential new Grow Appalachia participants.     We had three meetings on different days and times to accommodate most schedules.     Each of our sessions had around 25 guests wanting to learn more about Grow Appalachia.    It’s always a pleasure to tell the story of Grow Appalachia and how this program and John Paul DeJoria came to be in our community as I understand it.    I’m excited and proud to share all that Grow Appalachia offers participan

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This year we reached out to the Eolia community and had a nice gathering at Arlie Boggs Elementary.    I’m looking forward to reasons to head over Pine Mountain and enjoy the scenery along the way.    Arlie Boggs Elementary was a gracious host and many are coordinating to make this a success for their community.    Hilary Neff, Mountain Garden Initiative had already done the groundwork and made it easy for Grow Appalachia to join the garden effort.     Our snack on this cool night was homemade tomato bisque soup, with sides of our salsa and pepper jelly from last year.

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Our last session was at the Cowan Community Center on a brisk Saturday morning.    Our theme was planned to be around Valentines Day and folks got to home with a pound of peas.     Folks were also gifted worm castings from Tom Myers, owner of Natural Systems in Whitesburg who is also promoting and sells supplies for the aquaponics gardener.     A goal at Cowan Community Center is to promote intergenerational experiences.    Happy to have the picture of four generations of the “McCools,” four generations of gardeners.   Frieda was one proud grandma and a committed gardener, who battles health issues, but I’d bet planted her peas that day.

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Letcher County Schools are eager to start gardening this year.    It was nice to be invited to Letcher Middle School and get to talk to students  about farming and careers in Agriculture.   Hilary talked to students about healthy food choices and labeling.

In closing, it’s a very busy time here with lots of interest in gardening.