My husband said no snow but I knew that we were right on the line to get some snow from the big snowstorm that stopped travelers  in their tracks down South, so I wasn’t surprised to see snow this morning. We probably had about two inches and I know that is nothing compared to the ten inches up on Black Mountain but it sure made the roads in Lee County  extremely slick so I waited an hour before venturing out. I had to go to Powell County before coming to work and there was virtually nothing there. Funny how twenty miles can make such a difference. Looking forward to my first workshop in March and thinking about what I need to do like order fertilizer and make sure everyone brings a soil sample. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then.

Remember my grandson today. His mother took him to the hospital in Lexington last night and he is having his appendix out right now. I am here and not there because of caring for her other child and their much loved pets.

Oh, I forgot! I call these late winter snows, sugar snows, because they are fluffy and melt quickly. My dad always said that the last snow would have the biggest flakes of all the snows. I always try to figure out which snow is going to be the last from that old time saying.