Hello everyone.  Greetings from Project Worth Outreach in Menifee County.  We are located in northeastern Kentucky.  My name is Alex Sanders and I am the Site Coordinator for Grow Appalachia Garden Program at Project Worth Outreach. 

Alex Sanders, Grow Appalachia Garden Program Site Supervisor

Alex Sanders, Grow Appalachia Garden Program Site Supervisor

 We are so excited to be partnering with Grow Appalachia once again.  This will be our third year partnering with Grow Appalachia.  We feel the first two years have been very successful and we are looking forward to not only continuing this success but surpassing it.  We have learned a lot in the last couple of years and we hope to put those learned lessens to good use this year.  We are working very hard at recruiting committed families to join us and make a real difference in their families lives.  We are recruiting beginning, moderate, and experienced gardeners for our program this year.  We have already had one of two organizational meetings and have a complete schedule of meeting dates, topics and guest speakers in both Menifee and Rowan County.  One meeting we have scheduled that is very exciting for both Menifee and Rowan County is our first ever experienced gardener forum.  In this setting, our experienced gardeners will answer any and all questions from our Grow Appalachia gardeners on any garden topic.  This promises to be very enlightening, not only to our gardeners but to me as well.  Another meeting that awe look forward to is our last meeting in both counties is our annual potluck meals in which participants bring a dish of something grown in their gardens,  It just so happens that both potluck meals will be on back to back evenings.  Folks, it doesn’t get much better than that, two great meals back to back, free.  Our first organizational meeting for Menifee County Grow Appalachia Garden Program participants was held on January 20 and we had 32 families attend and 27 of these families signed an agreement to participate.  This is a very good start and we hope to build on this number.  We hope to have 40 families participate in both Menifee and Rowan County.  We had a organizational meeting scheduled in Rowan Count for January 21, but due to the wonderful weather we have been experiencing this winter we has to postpone that meeting until February 3.  I have been contacting a few people in Rowan County since the postponement of our meeting and have had 19 oral commitments.  We also have one community garden in Menifee and Rowan County.

Menifee County Grow Appalachia Participants meeting

part mtg 1

part mtg 2part mtg 3

part mtg 4part mtg 5

 As we all know, one of the major things that we need to do this year is sell as much produce as possible.  Toward that goal, Our Director of  Project Worth Outreach and Grow Appalachia Project Coordinator, Gail Mills, has written and received a grant request that has allowed us to build a pavilion that we call Means Organic Food Market.  The Means Organic Food Market will allow all of our gardeners to have a place to sell their surplus produce, regardless of where they live, at no cost to them.  Each participant will be given a certificate stating the all their produce is organically grown.

Gail Mills, Director, Project Worth Outreach & Project Coordinator, Grow Appalachia Garden Program


Means Organic Food Market

 Means Organic Produce  Mkt. 4Means Organic Produce Mkt. 1Means Organic Produce Mkt. 2Means Organic Produce Mkt. 5Means Organic Produce Mkt. 7

We are also busy putting together a seed order and preparing to order fertilizer.  This is a daunting task but it is exciting because it signals a new year of gardening is about to begin.   As much as I would like to sit here and opine I must turn my attention to the task of getting this gardening year off to a roaring start.  I have gardeners to recruit, garden sites to visit, community partners to recruit, etc.  A Project Coordinator, Site Supervisor and all of our Grow Appalachia Garden Program participants tasks are never completely finished.  This is what makes a successful garden and successful Grow Appalachia Garden Program. Welcome to all of the new organizations to Grow Appalachia and please enjoy all of the things you are about to experience. Best of luck to all Grow Appalachia gardeners this year and may everyone enjoy a bountiful harvest.