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I’m sure everyone has heard the story of Cinderella and her wicked step sisters. Well, this is the story of the children and the Cinderella Pumpkins. Once upon a time there was a gardener who grew the Cinderella pumpkins in his garden. He had so many pumpkins he didn’t know what to do,so he gave them to a group of children who decided to paint the pumpkins a variety of shapes and colors for Halloween. The children learned about  the legend of the Cinderella Pumpkin. According to legend this pumpkin is recorded as having been cultivated by the pilgrims and served at the second Thanksgiving dinner (internet source-All about pumpkins). These heirloom pumpkins get their nickname, Cinderella, because they resemble the pumpkin that Cinderella’s fairy godmother transformed into a carriage. Next week the children will discover how to harvest and save  the seeds for next years garden and how to make pumpkin bread.


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