The gardening season at ASPI has almost come to an end.  We still have a few participants that are maintaining  fall and winter gardens, but most are harvesting and digging what is left from their gardens to eat or put up for the winter. We have heard great things about participant sweet potato crops this year, and had a good crop ourselves here at the office. One of our participants has started baking sweet potato pies & breads to sell at the Mt. Vernon farmers market.

To celebrate another good year for ASPI’s Grow Appalachia participants, we had our final get together at the ASPI Livingston nature center.  Here we presented our two year graduates with certificates, shared sweet treats and hot beverages, and reflected on the years successes and  talked of how to make next year even better.  So, it’s time again to start planning for next year, and reflecting on what makes this program work well.  We are excited to plan our workshops for next year, with hopes that some of our graduates will attend or lead to share what knowledge they have of a variety of gardening topics.  It’s been a fun and educational year for everyone, and we hope to continue learning and sharing more every year.