Well it sure was chilly this morning! When I see chimney smoke in the hollers and mist rising from the ridges, I know that winter is not far away. I am so proud of my gardeners because they have canned, dried and stored their garden’s bounty for just this kind of weather. It just makes your mouth water to think of apple pies and peach cobblers, green beans and corn, sweet potatoes and pickles; all prepared with what you have preserved with your own two hands. This is the weekend for our Woolly Worm Festival here in Beattyville and that committee has worked so hard to have our town all spruced up for visitors. It is a neat little festival that brings old friends and families together for a wonderful reunion as they stroll the streets looking for a bargain or that one item they just can’t live without. Come visit us if you are in the area!

The following pictures are just a couple of examples of what can be achieved with a little hard work. Judy and David will be eating well this winter.

IMG_0165 produce