It seems like almost all of our farmers are doing some sort of Fall Crop, or cover crop which has pleased me greatly. The pictures I am attaching is from our downtown garden, that Aly Cooper does for the homeless shelter. She has done a great job with this garden, and you can see from the pictures she gets all kind of volunteer commitment, which I would say is a strong point of not only her garden, but the Lotts Creek program as well!

Farmers Brack and William have been doing well also- with Brack sending our “Plum Grannies” to not only David Cooke, but many of our other farmers as well. William experimented with cover crops this year for the first time, and so far he has been impressed. I ordered so much of the different varieties, my living room looked like a post office until I gave it all out!

But we already have so many people wanting to be on board next year, I think we will do very well.

The biggest issue that I keep hitting on that front is we really want to do a VISTA (we wanted to this past year as well), but I just cannot get the right person via email or on the phone. Does anyone out there have a number or insight on who I need to contact?

I realize time is probably ticking away on me to get one, so any help is appreciated!

Enjoy the pics!