Exciting news!

The Troublesome Creek Times featured our program on the font page last week, with a lovely article written by Amelia Bowling who next year will be in our program herself!!

I know we have went down this road before, but this new press has allowed something really good to happen- I have been approached by someone wanting some of my chickens, as well as 3 folks wanting goats!

I told them how the rules worked, and working with our local extension agent and soil conservation the parties interested in goats are looking into grants to build half the housing!

The grants are provided by soil conservation and under direction of the extension agent they are planning to build the lots. If they succeed I will then try to get the ball rolling on our end to get them goated up!

Otherwise, I have been doing a lot of reading and eventually purchased some radish to plant as a crop to loosen the soil in our school garden. Hopefully it will loosen up some of that compacted ground and let us get our garden up to where we want it next year in terms of square footage!

Everything else is going well, and  I wish I could post an online copy of the Times article, but they do not do online.