We have decided to save our heirloom tomatoe seeds that were donated to us this year! So we held a workshop and one of our participants taught us about how to save tomatoe seeds from scratch! Im going to share this information with you, we all found it very interesting and a great way to preserve our seeds for next year!!!

The fermintaion Method for Tomatoes:

  1. Choose a pretty, tasty fruit from a healthy plant.
  2. Cut the tomato open: scoop out the seeds and pulp.
  3. Place in a lidded jar with as much water as pulp
  4. Lid the jar loosley. You want a little air to get in.
  5. Label as you go.
  6. Keep at room temp out of direct sun for 3-7 days.
  7. A layer of GOOD mold will form on the surface: this moldy plaque forms a bacteria-killing anaerobic environment that also boosts germination.
  8. After the mold forms, scoop it off and rinse everything else into a strainer under running water.
  9. Rinse the seed, and spread them out on a paper plate, label that plates as you go, and let the seeds dry two weeks at room temperature
  10. When dry, pack the seed in paper packets or envelopes, lable as you go and store in the refridgerator if possible. If not, store at room temperature.