We had several good gatherings for canning this season, our last endeavor was to make salsa.

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We had about twenty two participants at this workshop and set to work quickly.   Several hands make for light work!

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We had about ten bushels of tomatoes, as many from our participants as possible and the remainder purchased from a farmside stand in Letcher County.


Participants brought the extras for the salsa and we provided jars and spices.

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An outdoor burner for processing large quantities quickly was manned by Marshall Ison, GA participant.

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Men, women and children all had a role in this process and by nights end, we had canned over 20 dozen jars of salsa, in varying degrees of hotness.

I often don’t participate in the actual process for myself, but will have hands on my granddaughter so her mother can have a supply and it is often overwhelming to look around the room and see the groups of neighbors working together to make their supply of the product of the day.

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I love knowing we are providing meaningful opportunity for young and old, rich and not so rich, republican and democrat, Friends of Coal and KFTC  interact together and SALSA!

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Salsa is becoming our favorite night and we advertised as Salsa lessons would be available, but our group was too busy and too tired by the end of the night to dance.   We will find a way to make that connection next year.