Hello all!

I am sorry for the long delay, we have been crazy busy and havent had internet at work for two weeks!!!

Since last we met we had a wonderful visit from David.

I took him to several of our gardens, the first of which was the downtown garden that is used for education and food for the homeless shelter. We were lucky enough while we were there for one of the VISTAs who works with a local daycare brought her kids down to pick veggies from the garden. It was a fun time, with a  lot of great kids. Not only did they get to spend a couple of hours in the garden, but it was also a good distance walk to and from the garden.

We then went and visited my garden that we used to fuel the food pantry. I was able to show David the chicken tractor of PVC, as well as my set up. He had several good ideas for how I needed to expand, as well as he was able to survive an attack from my geese! We are hoping next year to weave the tomatoes better, as well as trellis our cucumbers.

Finally we visited the school garden and them some of the locals close to the school. One of our older gardeners had some varieties that Davis had never seen before, which a really neat experience.

Since the visit we have been working on our proposal for next year, as well as growing our fall varieties and putting in some cover crops. We mainly had requests for turnips, and we have 2 cover crops that our gardeners have been interested in- buck wheat and red clover. I have heard several reasons why people have a preference for each, but we are going to try them all out and see what happens!

When I update again I hope to have some pretty picture of our fall and cover crops coming up!