Jailer Bill Dunn is pleased to announce that the harvest of the Detention Center garden is coming in nicely. The jail has harvested potatoes, three different kinds of peppers, and around 250 cabbage heads. The zucchini that has been collected has been deep fried, made into bread, and fries. Due to the mass quantity of zucchini and cucumbers, there was a surplus of them that was donated to the Jackson County Food Bank. Around one hundred gallons of green beans have been collected and frozen in the past two weeks; all frozen vegetables will be consumed by inmates later in the year after the harvesting season.
Jailer Dunn has been using the” trash can method” as a method to provide a delicious and cost saving meal to the inmates. A clean trash can is used as a cooking receptacle and is placed over a gas burner. Within two hours the vegetables are fully cooked and the meal complete.