Alyssa Recording for market

Weighing & recording for market.

Cucumber Lemon Pickles

Cucumber Lemons. Tastes just like a traditional cucumber!


ASPI Apples

ASPI Apples.

ASPI Beans Sold @ MKT

ASPI Beans. The Purple Podded Pole beans are beautiful.

Farmers Market Produce ASPI

Ready for market.

Farmers MKT Tomaoes ASPI

ASPI is growing a variety of tomatoes in our high tunnel this season.


ASPI has been fortunate this year to have a bountiful garden at our office and community garden.  To keep up with all the produce, we have been selling at the Mt. Vernon farmers market twice a week. To assist with all harvesting and market prep, we have been putting our Rockcastle Co. high school interns to work.  Each and everything we pick is weighed and documented, then placed in baskets and hauled over to the market.  What does not sell goes home with us, or canned to be enjoyed later.  Melinda and some of our interns spent a Friday pickling cucumber melons and canning green beans.  The results were very tasty. 

We feel happy to have provided the full experience for our interns, from helping harvesting, packaging, selling, and then preserving.  Also, we deeply appreciate all the help they provided at a very busy point in the growing season!