I can hardly believe how busy we’ve been at our house. The food dehydrator has been running non-stop for days and the countertops have been covered with food to store.

It’s been a great experience for the kids though. Their youth group can earn badges in canning, freezing food and dehydrating so the kitchen has been full of helpers. We’ve been freezing green beans, and pesto. A trick that I learned from a friend in regards to storing pesto. Dish them into mini muffin tins and cupcake pans and freeze. Pop them out and refreeze in a freezer zip-lock bag. The mini muffin tins work great to pop out, defrost in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds and you have a great spread for sandwiches. The larger tins are great for a family size portion to put over pasta.

Tried canning salsa this week, very happy with the results. Can hardly wait to open them in the heart of winter to get a taste of summer. Of course phone calls come when you least expect them. This week it was a friend calling to say that there were plenty of apples still on their trees and to come on over. So we took a break with the nice weather and picked 45lbs of apples. Although its added more work, we are very excited to make applesauce and perhaps a pie. Every tray of dehydrated apples have disappeared too never making it into bags to store for later. Going to have to make more! It’s been busy here, hope everyone is enjoying the bountiful blessing from the garden!!!