Hello, my name is Alex Sanders and I am the site supervisor for the Grow Appalachia Gardening Program at Project Worth Outreach in Menifee County, Kentucky.  Today, I want to tell you a little bit about our canning classes.

We hold 3 canning classes over 3 weeks every year. The first canningclass we canned green beans and cucumbers. This year we canned 27 quarts of green beans and 19 quarts of dill pickles. The second canning class we canned 21 quarts of tomato juice and 12 quarts of tomatoes. We also froze over 100 ears of corn.  Our third canning class was for Applesauce, apple butter and assorted jams. All of our cnning classes were led by our Director, Gail Mills and Amanda Knox and Michell Brown from the Menifee County Extension Office. All of these canning classes were for our Grow Appalachia Gardening Program participants in Menifee County. Each class was well attended.

For our Rowan County Grow Appalachia Gardening Program participants we will hold a one day class at the Rowan County Public Library on August 6from 5-8 PM.  This canning class will be led by the Rowan County Extension Office agents Bob Marsh and Laura White. This class will be a hands on class.  Door prizes and free samples will be available.  Each participant will receive a canned product as well as a kitchen utensil.  In speaking with all of our Rowan County Grow Appalachia participants we expect a large turnout for this event.

Well that’s about all I have this week.  I hope everyone has a great week gardening.