We took the high school interns on a trip to another Grow Appalachia site this week. All of us from ASPI that went had a great time at the Grimaldo Farm which is part of Mujeres Unidas. When we first arrived we met Ramon and he showed us around the farm. The interns were excited to see all of their animals, including dogs, cows, horses, and more.


Ramon was nice enough to let one of the girls borrow some boots, because flip flops aren’t the best shoes to be working in. We got to work pulling weeds around the beets. Then we took a break from weeding to work on tying up the tomatillos. The interns had their first taste of tomatillos and kohlrabi. Although the interns seem to be a little tired of weeding, this internship program allows them to try and learn new things like new foods and how to do the Florida weave.


Some of the animals watched as we worked, and they may have been a slight distraction. Melinda’s son Roscoe got to go on pony ride while we worked which was very tempting for those of us interested in riding the horses.

After working for a couple hours, Ramon’s family invited us in for some food. Of course we couldn’t turn down the offer of homemade tortillas. They made tortillas, salsa, beans, and another dish with corn which was all delicious! We were very grateful for the Grimaldo family’s hospitality.

Wednesdays have become one of my favorite days of the week because that is when we go somewhere with the high school interns. It’s been great to meet new people and see what they are doing in their gardens.