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Katie Dollarhide, a GA participant and the sharer of the land for the community garden posted beautiful pictures of the garden and nearby GA participant, Sylvia Ryerson’s garden on facebook last week and I wanted to share them with all.    When I looked at the first picture of the garden with the sun streaming through, I saw the beauty but also commented that it needs attention.   Katie quickly replied that it had been a beautiful and bountiful garden and would only ask what is not in need of attention?    You would have to have actually heard Katie speak to hear the simple truth in her question.  She has a most comforting and downhome voice, that could be the voice of Grow Appalachia should you be in need of a sound bite at any time.    She can be heard on WMMT radio station doing many of their ads.    But her question put the gardens in perspective for me, we need not expect them to not need our attention.  Enjoy the nice photos Katie shared.

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