This week we were blessed with the presence of Mark Walden,Grow Appalachia’s Assistant Director,  and Lindsey Harper,Grow Appalachia Intern, to work with Chip and I on constructing a high tunnel for the Wolf family. Coming from a background of construction I was excited in two ways, one just learning how to build a high tunnel and of course there was the benefit of giving this family of eleven something I knew they both needed and would utilize to its full potential.


The Wolf family during their daily Bible study.


The Wolf family is unique in many ways. They are a family of eleven, all of who are devout Christians who originated in Venezuela. When the Christians in South America began to be persecuted the family escaped to the United States and settled on a small farm in Manchester, Kentucky.

On their farm they raise goats and cattle, both which are used for meat and milk, they make their own butters ,creams and yogurts, raise chickens for eggs and meat as well and they have two plots where they grow their own vegetables.  If I had to estimate I would say the Wolf family easily produces seventy five to eighty percent of  the food they eat.

This is the reason when the opportunity arose for one of Red Bird Mission’s Grow Appalachia participant  to receive a high tunnel, they were my first choose. I knew this family could and would use it with out a doubt.


Mark and Lindsey


Chad Brock







Chip Dial Holding a rail in place

The high tunnel construction itself went off without a hitch of course, you see Mark has this thing down to a science and he had great help with him , Lindsey was all in , not at all afraid to get her hands dirty and more than excited to be helping this family. Yep once again Grow Appalachia has provided me with an experience that can not be topped. Helping to empower a family and impact their life in such a major way . Just  to be giving the  chance to meet and work with some really awesome people encourages me that we can and we are making a difference in Appalachia


Mark, Lindsey ,Chad and one of the Wolf families children