Half Runner Green Beans

Journal for our “2013 Grow Appalachia Garden”

4/31 . Today we planted our cantaloupe and cabbage. Our garden is being planted by three elderly ladies, 74, 72, 68 yrs. old and a young man 39. What fun!

We are now on our way to Middlesboro KY to buy Crab oil to mix with water to spray on the leaves of our plants. I was told to hold off on the spray. I need to give the plants a head start growing. Mission accomplished. Just getting anxious, I guess.

5/1/2013 Checked plants today. Looking good and healthy. Watered remaining plants. Waiting for just the right time to be planted. Plants perked right up Planted tomatoes.

5/15/2013 Planted 1/2 runner green beans, corn, lettuce and onions. Looking forward to seeing how they will develop. Staked tomatoes.

6/18/2013 Staked the 1/2 runner green beans. Used teepee style cane poles. Jason Siler helped with the poles.

6/19/2013 Picked and ate onions out of our garden. Yummy! The garden is looking beautiful. All weeded and nice. (So nice and beautiful, I took pictures)

6/21/2013 Today we had to plant more cantaloupe because we lost the other ones. Something really liked that plant! Never found out what ate it! We also weeded our garden again. Lettuce should be looking better, Peppers coming along well, also our green onions and tomatoes.

6/22/2013 Weeded green beans. Laid paper between tomatoes to cut down on weeds.

6/24/2013 Still weeding green beans Decided to lay plastic runners between the rows to cut down on the weeds. Great idea, It will work!!

6/29/2013 First green pepper! Nice!

7/2/2013 Green Peanut Beans are looking good! Now, waiting till they start to change colors. Then they will be ready to pick,

7/6/2013 Way, way, way to much rain!! The garden is showing the effects. Plants are yellowing. Frustration !

7/9/2013 Looks like fried green tomatoes will be on our dinner menu tonight. That will make our brother Wayne , happy.

7/10/2013 Picked nice green tomatoes, today! We had to cancel yesterday’s dinner menu. Wayne had his fried green tomatoes today. He loved them! I shared some green onions with my son-in-law David, to take on his vacation to Florida. Our onions are traveling far!

7/11/2013 Picked our first batch of peanut beans! We planned to string them up like the first settlers did in KY. I remember watching and helping my grandmother, Rachel Hyden, do string beans and hang them on nails behind her kitchen stove. Precious memories! That was back in  the days when you ate in the house and went to the bathroom outside.

7/15/2013 Today we gathered tomatoes. We plan to let these tomatoes ripen inside the house to keep them from rotting. Our staked 1/2 runner green beans are looking good.

7/16/2013 Picked 4 rows of peanut beans. What a beautiful yield! We are off to Middlesboro to buy canning jars. Canned 13 quarts. Looks nice. We Cooked some of the beans for dinner, Yummy, really tasted good!

7/23/2013 Picked and canned 1/2 runner green beans today. Our corn hasn’t done well. We bought corn from a neighbor and froze 6 dozen.


First onions and peppers



Peanut Beans

7/24/2013 Picked more 1/2 runner green beans today! Yield 2 bushels. Had lots of help. Our nephew Ernie Hill, and a good friend Charles helped us pick enough for 20 quarts and 10 pints Wow! We rewarded them with a big country breakfast. It was enjoyed by all. These three elderly ladies are feeling good to have accomplished so much harvest from our labor. We are still enjoying our journey through the 2013 Grow Appalachia Garden Project. Thank you Jackie, Aaron ,greenhouse staff ,David Cooke and John Paul Dejoria for making all this possible. We will remember all of you as we sit around our table enjoying our harvest.