I apologize for the late entry- but the maintenance folks were waxing my floors so I didn’t have access to my electronics.

Last week we had our monthly food giveaway. If you remember from last month we served 125 families. This month, when I had to leave, we had served 165.

Like I said last time I blogged about the pantry, it shows how needy folks are right now- and now that the garden program has been a blessing.

From my garden and the school we had 2 truck loads of  produce, along with potatoes and cantaloupes from God’s Pantry. Until we ran out at about box 150, the food boxes were almost all produce, and almost ALL locally grown.

Remember- as I have said before- last year at this time we had to do 2 months without giving away boxes because of the lack of commodities. Now we are giving away some of the best boxes we have ever had.

What is funny is, and this is no knock on our suppliers, but a lot of times we get vegetables that are nearing the end of there lives of being fresh… if you follow me. So here we are giving away HUGE YELLOW cucumbers. At first people thought they were zucchini, and then when we say no they are cucumbers, we get the look of… oh my they are ruined. SO we had to get the explanation down pat they they were heirloom vegetables and they are SUPPOSED to be yellow, and that big.

All and all a great day, and here are some of the pics from the event! Many thanks to our community and church volunteers from Cleveland who helped to pick and distribute the food!

IMG_1581 IMG_1583 IMG_1582 IMG_1776 IMG_1774 IMG_1773 IMG_1772 IMG_1771 IMG_1770 IMG_1769 IMG_1768 IMG_1764 IMG_1753