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This has been a very busy week at Red Bird Mission. We would like to thank our members for a very successful Farmer’s Market again this week. We have broken past records in the number of sellers and buyers. They have sold everything from local honey, home grown produce, to home baked breads.  We are very happy with all the progress and hope to involve even more of our local farmers in the coming weeks.
     We would also like to thank the Clay County Extension Office and Lora Howard for taking the time to do a presentation on the basics of canning and freezing. Lora shared alot of valuable information with our members on the proper methods of preserving their fruits and vegetables. She covered the importance of food safety when preserving food. She also explained the difference between low acid as well as high acid fruits and vegetables and which ones were to be canned in a water bath caner and which ones to preserve in a pressure caner. It was wonderful to see some of the attendees getting involved and asking questions.
         On a sad note we extend our condolences to the family of Herbert Couch. He was a valued member of Grow Appalachia and will be greatly missed in our midst. He was one of our most attentive membersattending nearly every meeting. We were saddened to see his chair empty this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family as they grieve