One of the things I love best about working with Grow Appalachia is the people we get to meet and work with throughout the year.

One hot morning last week, Aaron and I went to White Oak to visit some of our gardeners. The first gardener we visited was Amanda, who has a small garden where she planted Corn, Tomatoes, Green Beans and Onions. She tells us, ” These are the foods I know my family will eat!”

Amandas' rain barrel

This is the Rain Barrel Amanda made a few weeks ago in our “How to make a Rain Barrel Class”.

Amandas' garden Ms Lamddins flower & vegetable garden.  A few miles down the road we came to Ms. Lambdin’s  garden.  The first thing we saw was her flower and vegetable garden. If you look real close at the picture you might be able to see the tommy toes she has planted in the middle of her flower bed.

Aaron and Ms lambdin in her garden SAM_0685 SAM_0692 SAM_0694

BeansNext we visited with Ms. Loretta and Ms. Carolyn two sisters who are enjoying learning how to garden together. The sisters spend a lot of time together after the death of Loretta’s husbands to take care of each other and their disabled brother.

While we were there Ms. Carolyn shared her gardening journal with us. Aaron and I enjoyed listening to her read it to us so much that I asked if  she would be willing to allow us to post a few of her journal entries on the Grow Appalachia blog and she has agreed to share her journal with us in a few weeks.  One of things Ms. Carolyn had written about in her journal was how they had been stringing and drying beans the old fashion way.

Ms. Carolyn drying beans the old fashion way!

Ms. Carolyn drying beans the old fashion way!