Growing Warriors has an innovative, exciting project in the works, that’s finally taking off thanks to the hard work of the ladies in the Grow Appalachia office. The Warrior Wagon and and Warrior Washer – as they have been deemed – are a team of washing, packing, and processing units that will be mobile, allowing Growing Warriors participants to more easily process and sell the things that they grow. The warrior washer will be a driven unit in which produce can be cleaned – it will include full washing and packing facilities, such as sinks and sanitizers. The warrior wagon will be a detachable unit, pulled by the warrior washer. The warrior wagon will include kitchen equipment, much like a concession stand facility that you would see at a state fair. This will allow farmers to both sample their goods as a value-added product and sell them in unprocessed form, taking produce from market to market or to various events throughout the region.

Such a huge project requires huge funding and community support – which is why a crowdfunding campaign is in the works, to help acquire the money to make this project possible! John Paul has already agreed to donate, however more money is needed to make this project happen. Through crowdfunding, Growing Warriors is hoping to raise enough money to get the Warrior Mobile on the ground! Crowdfunding – using sites such as kickstarter or indiegogo – is not only a great way to spread the word about a project and garner funds, such websites are also incredibly easy to use. Got a project? Develop rewards, write a summary of your idea, and perhaps make a video, and you’re good to go!

The official campaign has not been released yet – look for it in early september, slated to wrap up by veterans day.