We took our high school interns on another trip last week, this time to Berea College.  Saxon and Sam both went to Berea so they showed us around the College’s greenhouses and some other parts of the farm. It was nice to see their facilities and learn about what the College does with all that they produce. First, we checked out the greenhouses. We saw the compost piles and learned how they use food waste from the cafeteria to make good compost for use in the garden. They keep bees at the garden which I would love to learn more about. I also learned two more reasons to use a high tunnel for particular plants. I thought the main benefit of a high tunnel was to better control the temperature for a longer growing season. However, they also planted either blackberries or raspberries (I can’t remember which) in a high tunnel to prevent rain splashing on the leaves which would damage the plant. Also, blueberries were planted in a high tunnel covered in netting instead of plastic to keep out pests. Then we looked around the building where they prepare and package the produce for market.


When we went out to the farm we were excited to see some goats, pigs, and lots of chicks! They also grow shitake mushrooms which I think is really neat.

Sam and I had to get back to work, but Saxon and the high school interns stayed around to help weed in the garden. I’ve really enjoyed going on these trips to visit other sites and gardens. They are great opportunities to learn and get new ideas!