I actually missed blogging last week!!! This comes from a person who was very reluctant to begin the process. It somehow gives me a feeling of accomplishment to be able to  relate some of my GROW experiences. I have been from one end of the county to the other today visiting gardens. Mark’s garden was so beautiful and bountiful and in such a peaceful location. It sits beside a lovely pond and the entire property is clean and well maintained.They have already canned 30 quarts of green beans!!! Most of my other gardeners have also been busy preserving food. Zucchini Bread is high on the list of baked goods. Our extension agent is having a preservation workshop this evening for meat or soups and many of my gardeners are planning on attending. I like the idea of preserving meals that can be prepared after you have been away from home for the day. Recipes for soups mixes would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the warm weather; winter comes to soon.