This week at ASPI we participated in the Rockcastle Co. Farmers Market in Mt.Vernon for the very first time.  Assisting at our booth is our first group of high school interns, who have been an amazing help in the ASPI garden and community garden.   It has been a mutually beneficial partnership with the interns providing us with much needed help in maintaining our gardens, while the interns are learning how to identify plants, how to plant, and harvest.   We spent the morning harvesting and cleaning beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, and fresh cut herbs.  The produce was beautiful, as well as our booth.  Selling at the market is a great opportunity for ASPI to get the word out about what our program offers to the Rockcastle community as well as provide a learning experience for our high school interns.  Selling at market builds marketing skills, provides fresh food to the community, and puts money back into the local economy.  Also, it builds people skills and allows us at ASPI to get to know local farmers and hopefully make lasting connections that benefit our program, staff, and participants.

1st ASPI farmers market booth. 2013 ASPI potatoes 2013 ASPI farmers market booth. 2013 ASPI farmers market booth. 2013 (3) ASPI farmers market booth. 2013 (2)