SAM_0457 SAM_0462This is Valzora’s garden, which is located way back in the woods in a place called Buffalo.

When I drove up to Val’s home she grinned and said, ” I don’t think your van will make it up to my garden, if you don’t mind we’ll take my vehicle! I said, “Ok, thinking maybe we were going to take her truck because of the muddy roads”, but that wasn’t the vehicle  she was talking about. To my surprise, she went toward her four- wheeler  and said ,”This is the best way to get up to the garden. You don’t mind ridding with me do you?” I thought, Hummmm!  Climb on, she said!  So that’s what I did, and away we went on the four-wheeler up the mountain road for about three-fourths of a mile to her garden.

When we got there I asked Val, “How do you keep the dear out of your garden? “She replied, “We spray deer repellant around the out-skirts of the garden, they haven’t bothered it yet!”

Valzora and her husband have worked very hard in their garden, they plan to can and freeze what they need and sell the excess at the Farmers Market.


Potatoes are looking good!