Hello, my name is Alex Sanders and I am the Site Supervisor for Grow Appalachia at Project Worth Outreach. We are located in northeastern Kentucky.

Today, I would like to share with you some of what we do with our youth workers. We have about 14 young people ranging in ages from 7-16. They participate in greenhouse and gardening classes.

The greenhouse classes consisted of planting seed and nurturing these seeds until grown enough to be transplanted.  These classes were led by Gail Mills, Director of Project Worth Outreach and a valued volunteer, Nancy Ritchie.  There were 6 classes in total.  In the greenhouse these young people raised serveral varieties of tomatoes, summer squash, watermelon, sweet and hot peppers, pumpkins, cantloupe and broccoli among other vegetables.  These vegestables were then passed along to our Grow Appalachia gardeners.  There were 5 young people participating in the greenhouse program and they worked in the greenhouse about 5 hours per week.

The other program we have and it is still ongoing until the end of July when the children are starting to get ready to return to school in early August.  There are 9 children involved in the gardening class.  There are 9 young people participating in the gardening program and they are working in the garden, located here at Project Worth Outreach, about 5 hours per week.  They are planting, hoeing and watering the garden.  The instructor, Gail Mills, as well as volunteer, James Clifford are teaching the young people how  to idenify the different bugs , good and bad, you see in the garden.

These young people are an invaluable asset to any organization but especially  to a small organization such as Project Worth Outreach.  These young people have been a joy to have around.  It is quite satisfying to watch as these young people learn something new.  I am looking forward to working with these young people in the month of July.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for today.  Hope everyone can stay cool and emjoy working in their garden.  Please take many breaks so you do not overheat.  Good luck.