2010-12-31 21.42.54

Sunflower in ASPI’s garden with bee friend.

2010-12-31 21.42.30

Blooms from Cranberry Red Potatoes at ASPI.

2010-12-26 01.18.34

One of our participants blooming Egyptian Walking Onions.

2010-12-31 21.46.19

Marigolds planted in ASPI’s high tunnel.

2010-12-31 21.44.17

Cucumber Blooms.

2010-12-31 21.38.21

Yarrow blooming at ASPI.

2010-12-31 21.45.31

Squash blooms.

Here at ASPI we have an abundance of plants that are blooming and I wanted to share the beauty.  The flowers you see come from a variety of plants that serve different purposes for us and our plants.  The yarrow and marigolds act as a deterrent towards “bad bugs” that would eat our plants in the garden because they have a strong smell that some insects do not like.  The  sunflowers attract pollinators as well as make the garden bright and beautiful.  The Squash and Cucumber blooms are very exciting to see because soon to follow will be the fruit.  I felt sharing these lovely blooms would be perfect for the first day of summer.


Sam Lyons