Rooster Perch

I love the smell of hay. We are storing food for the winter for our livestock just like my gardeners will be storing food from their gardens for the winter. This preparation for winter has always made me feel secure and I learned the hard way that canning is better for me than freezing because losing power for a few days in the winter here is a real posssibility. Most of my gardeners are struggling with insects this year. Thank Heaven for David and his advice on what to use for Colorado Beetles. We tried a solution of dishwashing liquid and alcohol, an insecticidal soap, and, getting really desperate, a solution of Lestoil and water. Nothing of that worked. Broadcasting lime on the plants slowed the bugs down but I finally found the product he told us about in his email and the beetles are gone. Most of my gardeners are smarter than I am and they sprayed before planting their potatoes. I will next year or maybe I will try the ashes from a scaly bark hickory tree. Not much has been harvested. Most people are getting lettuce, a few have beets and cabbage should be ready soon. Something is really working on the cabbage and it isn’t cabbage worms. Whatever it is can completely destroy a plant in just a couple of days, so watch your cabbage closely.