Yesterday was a very busy, but also productive day for us at the Mt. Vernon Community Garden. In the morning, Melinda and I planted some flowers and herbs. Melinda rescued part of an old tire from the parking lot last week which we used as a planter for some flowers that Growing Warriors gave us. The flowers spruced up the area near the street. Also, Hal helped us with tilling up a new plot for corn. One of the families stopped by and helped with weeding. They sprinkled a mixture of flour and red pepper flakes on their plants to prevent birds from eating them.

In the afternoon, we recruited a friendly passerby to help us prepare the beds for planting. He was a huge help in hauling compost for the rows. Another passerby who was interested in learning about the community garden stopped by to talk and offered us sweet potato slips. Later that day we had a work day in the garden so one of the participants came out to help us. With all the help we planted a couple more rows with tomatoes, peppers, and sweet potatoes. Now the garden is looking really great. Melinda and I are very grateful for the community help that we received!