I’m sure almost everyone out there has wonderful vegetables growing, blooming, and getting close to bearing fruit- despite the late frosts and other set backs. Our gardens are looking wonderful here as well on Lotts Creek- all but one.

The school garden was “last on the list” for Eddie and me, as we wanted to get everyone else sorted out before we really put our foots down on the school. We had already planted about half of what we plowed- but had put off putting our corns and beans in. And then we put it off again. And then we re-tilled someone’s garden. And then we put it off again. And then Eddie went to National Guard for all of this month.

With a business trip all next week, meetings, maintenance work, and everything else- it hit me. The garden had to be finished now, or no use in planting it. Soooo with student help, volunteer staff help, and even community help we all pitched in during the 95 degree weather yesterday and took it home.

We all realized for many reasons it was not the right time- but with work schedules and the incoming thunderstorms and winds, it was what it was. So we all chipped in and got started.

Where the grass had grew back up from when we had the ground turned, I went out early and mattocked (is that a word) as much as my arms would allow. I did that in hopes of tilling easier, and allowing the ground to dry out as much as possible being exposed. Tanner, our student worker, weeded and cleaned the part of the garden we already planted, and then helped me fish out big rocks.

Later in the day around 4:00 Rex and Matt Gayheart came up and used a tiller each to till the ground 4 times. We then used a plow to set off the rows and me and Tanner planted the beans and corn.

Rex, unfortunately, was rewarded for his efforts by his truck’s battery dying!!! We boosted him off and helped him unload the tillers at his house and all he asked in return was a bushel of our beans.

It was a big weight off our backs, and now we just have maintenance and harvesting soon I hope!IMG_1305