Hello, my name is Alex Sanders and I am the

Grow Appalachia site supervisor for Project Worth

Outreach in Menifee County, Ky.


Instead of me complaining about how rainy, wet, muddy, dry,

hot or unbearable the weather has been this spring I thought

I would just give everyone a glimpse of a few of the gardens I

have been able to visit recently.  I hope you enjoy these photos.




Phil Kiser Garden_0214

Phil Kiser Garden IMG_0100

Phil Kiser Garden_0207

Phil Kiser Garden_0211



Phil Kiser’s garden



2013 tiller trainingIMG_0095

2013 tillrt training IMG_0094

Tiller Training



PWO IMG_0138

PWO IMG_0137

PWO IMG_0136

PWO IMG_0135

PWO IMG_0134

PWO IMG_0121

PWO IMG_0132

PWO IMG_0128

PWO IMG_0127

PWO IMG_0126

Project Worth Outreach’s garden



2013 tillrt training IMG_0094

Tiller Training



Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown.JPG[1]

Elaine Brown.JPG[2]

Elaine Brown’s garden



Freyman garden closeups 2012-05-27 001

Freyman garden closeups 2012-05-27 015

Freyman garden closeups 2012-05-27 016

Freyman garden update 2012-05-22 002 Freyman garden update 2012-05-22 003 Freyman garden update 2012-05-22 013 Freyman garden update 2012-05-22 014

David & Sandy Freyman’s garden



I hope you  these photos.  Until next

time I hope you have great gardening weather.

Good luck to all.