I would like to share a poem written “Harvesting”
by Deb Hamilton (AmeriCorps Member) in our office:

Your life is your garden,
your choices your seeds;
give thought to the harvest
when planting for needs.

The ground, is it read?
The soil, is it broke?
Is now the right season
to scatter and poke?

And so, if the dirt
and season are ripe,
what of the seeds-
there number and type?

Should garlic be planted
with no need for spice,
or corn for a stable
filled only with mice?

Has thought ere been given
to the bountiful load-
can ox and cart carry
or is tractor the mode?

So much to consider
when arranging a crop
the planning itself
need be ranked at the top.

For though they may help
when times comes to yield,
family and friends
must tend their own field.

The Lord made the promise,
the promise He’ll keep-
Whatever you sow,
you alone shall reap!