I’m Sarah Green and this is my first week at ASPI. This summer I’ll be an intern working with the Mt. Vernon’s community garden and the garden at ASPI.

So far we’ve been working hard on planting seeds in the community garden. This has also involved weeding, picking out rocks, hauling compost, and watering. The vegetables that we grow in the garden will be sold at the local farmers market, and there are also several plots for families to work on for themselves which are coming along nicely.

At the ASPI garden, I’ve been starting seeds in the greenhouse and weeding. The garden was already flourishing when I arrived; so it’s exciting to see lettuce and a few other vegetables that are ready to eat!

Some of my goals for this summer include encouraging more community involvement with garden, exploring potential sites for other community gardens in Rockcastle County.

My interests include developing sustainable communities, especially with increasing access to local, organic food; so this internship is perfect for me. I don’t have much of a background in gardening, but I know I’ll learn a lot from experience and the other staff. I love the work I’m doing here at ASPI and I’m really looking forward to this summer!