This week I have been working on doing my final planting for the summer season. I am normally done with this by the end of May but the spring of 2013 has not been gardener friendly. I have been transplanting several varieties of tomatoes and peppers along with some eggplant we started from seed in our greenhouse.


Our Tomatoes

 I am going to use the Florida Weave method for staking my tomatoes along with shredded paper for mulch, and will make bean towers from cane poles for my pole beans to climb. I am a big fan of the Florida weave and I think it is by far the most practical and efficient way to trellis tomatoes. I am also going to trellis my cucumbers this year. Last year I let them climb a nearby fence and saw a big difference in yield and in overall quality. This is also a great way to avoid contamination of the soil born fungi that cause so much destruction to gardens in our region.


Tomatoes that have been trellised using the Florida weave

I have also been planting several varieties of beans and a couple types of sweetcorn all to be sold at our Farmers Market and donated to the Food Pantry here at Red Bird Mission. Although a little later in the season than “ideal” I am still very confident that with some hard work and dedication we can still produce lots of vegetables in our gardens during the summer season and we still have the fall season to look forward to.