I will sidetrack from my chicken posts to talk about another subject- critters.

Something had attacked my geese, killing 5 and wounding another. I feel that dogs had killed them as they left the corpses, but the wounded animal’s foot was partially eaten. I have been nursing it, and it seems like it will live.

But, the critters had to be stopped. I have spoken with animal control about the neighbor’s dogs that have run rampant- all 6 of them and that should be taken care of. As for what ate my poor goose’s foot- it was trap time. Taking advice from hunters I used a honey bun in a live animal trap.

2 nights later, we had a bite. Here is the little guy. We turned him loose in a different county.


I am going to rearm the traps tonight.

Otherwise our gardens have been doing well! Here is some photos of the main garden we are going to use for food for the food bank:



The beans are now wrapping around the wire, and the cabbage is huge! The lettuce beds are so big, rich, and full now. We will have onions and cabbage ready by the end of the month for the food bank we think!!!!