SAM_0006On Tuesday Aaron and I met with Assistant  Warden Lenn Neal, who escorted Aaron and I to the new garden site were we met with Lt.  Zendal  Evans.  Lt. Evans will be in charge of the day to day operations of the gardens along with a rotating crew of prisoners. They plan to begin their garden by planting tomatoes, peppers, okra, and  cucumbers.

Garden size- 75X100

New Garden

Lt. Evans shared some of his experiences with growing a garden, he told us about learning to garden as a small child with his parents and grandparents. He said, “I learned to plant by the signs” using an almanac.

Providing plants, seeds and tools.

Providing plants, seeds and tools.

The Bell County Forestry Camp is a 300-man minimum security institution located about four miles from Henderson Settlement .This facility provides inmate labor to the division of Forestry for fire fighting and break clearing.

Every year officers from the camp and selected inmates present a Drug Awareness Program for the children involved in our Summer Recreation program.

Inmates are encouraged to help themselves by participating in the opportunities  which are made available to them by the institution  to facilitate a return to the community as a responsible citizen.