It’s been awhile since you’ve heard anything (on this here blog, at least) from the folks involved with Growing Warriors; but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been working hard! There’s a lot of exciting things happening this summer with Growing Warriors – one of which I’ve had the honor to help work on.
By the way, hello reader; I’m Lindsey, a new summer intern here at Grow. I’ll be working with Growing Warriors and Mujeres Unidas this summer, as well as with any other projects that need another set of hands.
The new project that I speak of involves the creation of a farm training school through Growing Warriors that will equip veterans with the knowledge of all sorts of farm techniques – think everything from organic vegetable production, marketing skills, CSA management, greenhouse production, and pastured poultry and pork – but certainly not limited to just these things. The farm school will not only give veteran participants the knowledge of how to run a farm, but upon completion, it will also help them to develop their own agricultural business plans, or further their agricultural education even more. The goal is to have four participants involved in this 30 week program, providing them with a living stipend as well as a work stipend. Upon successful completion of the program, each participant would receive a bonus towards future plans (like I mentioned above).
We’re currently working to develop a campaign to raise the money to support such a program, so be on the look-out!
Growing Warriors is getting involved with several other projects as well – from more workshops to new grants – there’s certainly not a shortage of activity here.

Stay tuned!
-Lindsey Harper