How Do You Make A Rain Barrel?

Ingredients: 12 Women, 2 Kids, an experienced instructor and a lot of enthusiasm!

We are trying to be more proactive this year so when we were planning for this year, we planned, with the cooperation of the Whitley County Extension Office to make our own Rain Barrels. The other day we purchased 20 food grade  barrels and fittings, this past Wednesday we had a workshop in front of the barn on, “How to make a Rain Barrel”. With all the rain we have had this spring this seems a little redundant but we know that sometime this summer the rain will stop and then the gardeners will be wondering how they are going to water their gardens, this will give us a head start on solving some of the watering problems that are sure to happen.

Kristin Smith who is the horticulturist agent at Whitley County led our workshop, she used a publication from the University of Kentucky Extension Office entitled, Building a Rain Barrel. The web address listed above is the publication we used to make our Rain Barrels.

As we were in the process of making the Rain Barrels, the Henderson Settlement facilities director dropped by to observe our progress.  He shared another method of turning a barrel into a Rain barrel. He suggested turning the barrel on its side, drilling a hole for the downspout and then use the lid of the barrel, which already has a place  to put a water spicket. Some of the ladies really liked this method, they were talking about stacking several barrels in order to collect more rain water to water the gardens and for other uses.

Aaron and I have challenged the gardeners to a Rain Barrel decorating contest! They have two weeks to paint their rain barrels and then Aaron and I will take a picture of all the painted barrels. During our June 5th class meeting the gardeners will vote for the best three barrels.





SAM_0237 SAM_0240 SAM_0232 SAM_0230 SAM_0229 SAM_0227 SAM_0248 SAM_0247 SAM_0246How do YOU make a Rain Barrel?