We started in 2012 with a public housing garden, and this is our first year as a full partner with Grow Appalachia.  One of our goals for the public housing garden for this year was to expand and grow more food.  The management at the site was so pleased with last year’s outcomes that they have granted permission to use more of the land around the complex for gardening.  So we have just plowed our third plot and enlarge the two plots from last year.  We also hope to do a lot of trellissing to enable us to go upward and produce more on less ground.

The neat thing is that the third plot is right behind an elderly gentleman’s apartment and he is the “master gardener” at the complex.  That way, he can piddle around in the garden in his back yard anytime he likes without having to go very far.  All of these garden plots make for an interesting view for residents and a great way for kids to see where food comes from when they would not normally have the chance to watch a garden grow.

The photo is of the new plot.