Our Cumberland Valley Health Department sites have been busy preparing the ground and getting ready to plant. Robert has taken our new Grillo Tiller around and has completed over half of the tilling on our 15 sites. We are waiting to receive a few more results from our soil samples so we can begin the process of amending the soil.

The lights are humming above my seedlings. I’m personally a tomato lover so I tend to go a little overboard. I love trying different heirloom tomatoes and have personally planted 12 different types of tomatoes this year. My favorite is the Yellow Pear and Cherry Tomatoes. My kids eat them like grapes right off the vine. I just transplanted them into bigger containers and have started more. I think I will have about 70 plants when it comes time to put them in the ground, although many I will share with other participants.

Three sites took on the challenge of raising bees this year. They arrived two weekends ago and all 80,000 of them were buzzing on the car ride home. There is a lot of excitement in the air. Nervous a little as we are undertaking something new however with everything we have learned at the bee meetings and locals that are mentoring us we are anxious to begin. So far everyone is reporting back that the bees are thriving and being busy bees.