An interesting concept for a community garden comes from our local Grow Appalachia participant Jackson County UK Extension service.

They are using recycled pallets to make inexpensive raised beds.  The pallets are the kind that serve as a base for fork lifts to grab crates of materials off delivery trucks.  Extension has recruited 20 participants to take part in their community garden.  They started with the pallets and a load of dirt.  Participants came to extension and first painted the pallets however they liked, then filled them with the soil.

Each week, particpants will come together to plant and work in their raised beds.  “This is a great way for kids to get gardening experience and to have a lot of fun,” says Clare Kincaid, Extension’s FCS Agent.  Pooling resources from Grow Appalachia along with some in-kind resources from UK Extension programming budget, the community garden has what it needs for everyone to participate.  Watering cans, garden gloves, kneeling pads, and hand tools help make it a success.

As far as participants, there are grandmothers with their grandchildren, church youth group leaders with their students, families with their children, single adults- a real diverse group of people coming together to enjoy gardening.

This inexpensive idea has also brought a colorful and eye-catching view for passers-by, which will hopefully encourage other families to consider gardening.

We will continue to provide updates on the progress of this garden.