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On April 29, through the generosity of Grow Appalachia, Red Bird Mission had 11 participants attend the Home Based Micro Processing Workshop. 7 of those who attended passed the exams, completing the certification process. All certified members agreed to use the certification to support Red Bird’s Farmer’s Market this summer. The remaining members attended for informational purposes only.



Grow Appalachia Participants @ Home based micro processing workshop


Grow Appalachia Participants @ Home based micro processing workshop









All the attendees are excited about exploring the possibilities for creating revenue through their hard work at the local Farmer’s Markets. Some are even considering venturing into full-scale entrepreneurship! The members attending for informational purposes gained extensive knowledge in regards to the health and safety aspects of food preservation beyond the normal home canning methods.

Certification costs $50, but individuals only seeking to further personal knowledge may attend at no cost.  I highly recommend all Grow Appalachia sites seriously look into investing the time to attend this workshop because I personally feel that it would be beneficial. All attendees from Red Bird Mission’s Grow Appalachia program left fully satisfied in the knowledge gained

Chad Brock,

Grow Appalachia Coordinator