I decided to dedicate this blog to our chickens!

After consulting with David and Mark, and researching on backyardchickens.com we made the decision to purchase some birds.

We started with 22 chickens (Rhode Island Reds) and 6 geese, and have plans to build 5 chicken tractors. We are using a lot of salvage, but for our biggest chicken tractor we are using a PVC design from backyardchickens that will allow my dad to push the whole rig around with 1 finger- supposedly.

Currently we have the pvc material, and my dad is collecting some more tin, wheels, and other salvage. Our plans are to build this week, when my handyman can give us a couple of days.

We have 3 families interested in them, but we also want the extra tractors to bring to our next community meeting to entice some others who are “on the fence” so to speak.

The chics arrived last Friday, and for the most part they were healthy and very lively! We did loose a couple, but the rest are eating and running around and spend there days trying to escape!

I am still negotiating with the local community mart to sell our eggs there, and that looks like a good possibility. I am also thinking of getting more chickens in the future- but I am not sure. I want to make sure I can handle 4 or 5 before I go any bigger!