Yesterday I loaded-up the Grow Appalachia van with plants, seeds and tools and headed for Siler, Ky to visit with several of our new gardeners.  Although Siler is not a new location for Henderson Settlement , it is a new location for the Grow Appalachia Project  and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I  have a tendency to get lost when I’m not real sure where I’m going. So whenever I head out by myself the trip can turn out to be quite an adventure. However, yesterday turned out really well due to the help of one of our gardeners. When Holly heard that I wasn’t familiar with the area, she volunteered to go with me to help find the new gardeners.

The picture below is of Edwina and her grandchildren in her garden.  Edwina wasn’t able to grow a garden last year because of some  personal and financial problems.  Without the help Grow Appalachia provides, the tangibles like seeds, plants, and tools she would not be planting a garden this year. She is extremely grateful for all the help she has received thus far and hopes to grow a great garden to help feed herself and her daughter and grandchildren.


After Holly and I had went over the river and through the woods , we finally arrived at Sarah’s garden. Sarah has been gardening for several years. She has expressed an interest in selling at our Farmers Market this year. As we were talking about gardening, Sarah shared with us several stories about her experiences with gardening over the years. I asked if she would be interested in contributing to the blog and she said that she would be willing  to contribute a few stories, I can’t wait to read her entries because if she writes stories as well as she tells them, her entries should be highly entertaining and informative.

While we were there Sarah showed us her chickens; she raises Golden Lace Wyandotte  chickens. She showed us several of the eggs these chickens produce and they are large. She highly recommended these chickens for their eggs, and I have to say something I never thought I would ever say about a chicken, these chickens are  beautiful chickens.

,                                                                                                                           IMG_1591 IMG_1593