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During the past two weeks we have had group meetings/ spaghetti dinners  at both of our locations,  Henderson Settlement and White Oak.

Aaron and I planned these meetings to enable the participants to come together and discuss gardening, Grow Appalachia and their expectations for the gardening season. The meetings went really well, the participants discussed different gardening methods, which vegetables grew  best last year and what they were planning to grow this year. Since this was our first meeting , we  felt that it was important for the participants to direct the meeting  toward subjects which interested them. During the meeting at White Oak several of the gardeners were discussing using the calendar and planting by the signs. I mentioned that I had read in the LMU/ Grow Appalachia newsletter about a speaker they had at one of their meetings who was an expert on planting by the signs. I asked if they would like for me to contact LMU (Lincoln Memorial University) to see if we could arrange for this speaker to speak at our next monthly meeting and they agreed that this would be a topic  that would interest them because most of them remembered their grandparents mentioning using the calendar  and planting by the signs .


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