Last Night we held our third Grow Appalachia meeting here at Red Bird Mission. Bill Best who is an heirloom seed specialist was our guest speaker and taught the ins and outs and importance of saving your own seeds. He also brought several different varieties of seeds to sell and to swap with our participants.

We had a great turn out of 42 attendees, participants and local members of the community alike. If you are interested in any of Bill’s seeds you can order from his website at  .

plants and more 008

After Bill’s presentation Grow Appalachia distributed all their participants who attended three types of cole crop transplants. They all left very eager to get these beautiful green plants in their garden and begin watching them grow.


plants and more 010


plants and more 003



On a sad note for our Grow Appalachia Program here at Red Bird Mission, we have lost our leader and our friend Karen Dial. She was a great asset to the program and did alot of logistical things to make our program become much more successful and encouraging to our participants. She will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege  to work with her. Mrs. Dial is still employed by the mission. She is spreading her horizons on a new and different venture within the Red Bird Mission organization. I “Chad Brock” have been doing the field work for Grow Appalachia for the past several years, will be moving into the coordinator position upon her departure. I am very eager to fill this position and pull all I have into making Red Bird Mission’s Grow Appalachia program as successful as I know it can be.