When David Cooke visited with  us last year, as we were driving around I  showed him the Frakes School Center greenhouse , Which was basically being used as a storage building . I expressed how sad this made me feel to see the greenhouse not being used as it should be used. David then challenged me to do something about it!


I contacted the school and asked for whomever was in charge of the greenhouse. They put me in touch with Mr. Terry Wilson, who teaches science  at the school.  I asked him if he was interested in planting anything in the greenhouse? He replied that he would love to see the greenhouse being used again but the school simply didn’t have the funds to do anything with the greenhouse.

This spring with the help of Grow Appalachia and  Kristin Smith ( Horticulturist from Whitley County Extension Office) , the Frakes School Center greenhouse is in use as a greenhouse again!

The children were very excited to have the opportunity to plant seeds and play in the soil with Kristin. Because as Kristin told them, “Horticulturists” do not call soil dirt! We call it “soil ” because, dirt is what you put in holes and soil is what you you grow things in. The children planted tomato, green pepper and squash seeds.




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