When I look outside at the weather, I cannot believe that last week (?) there was a chance of snow????

Things are really nice here, and you tell its garden time- my phone rang off the hook all day Saturday with people wanting their gardens plowed!!!!

We have been able to get quite a bit done- just today Eddie tilled 3 gardens, and yesterday the school garden was plowed and then tilled. We are hoping to go down the list this week and get everyone set up.

Our second meeting is next Tuesday at 6:00 PM at the Cordia Library (in case anyone wants to come!!!). We are planning to go over soil samples, do any missing paperwork, and give out seeds- along with the presentation of course! Chad Conway is again going to come to give the presentation and go over the soil samples.

If you all remember my last post- all the seeds we left in the green house at the school had been killed by some knucklehead 🙁

Before I go into the challenges we facing now- let me say that the seeds my dad grew, as well as the ones I had saved from our garden last year and started last week, are doing wonderful! So, the loss of those seeds hurt bad, but we seem to have recovered.

But, as I said we are having some issues. We still are having people back out- but not enough to be really worried right now. People just cant believe we are giving out free seeds, and tilling gardens with so few string attached. We also have an issue (still) of people thinking we are trying to put a lien on their land. Thankfully we have plenty of folks who have expressed interest, but we have to go back, do more soil samples and paperwork etc, and that is just time consuming.

Again, the plan is to kill with kindness and get those folks next year.

The next issue that has came up is some of the land not even a plow can break. This happened at the school garden. Between 1/3rd and 1/2 of the land we wanted to use was just too hard to break up. Long term we are getting a back hoe in to the school to fix some drainage, and we will steal the use of it to get the ground broke up and then tilled.

Short term, we just going to use what space we have. It still is 3-4 times larger than the gardens I have put out there the last 2 years, so we should be fine.

The last issue, and im sure it is a small one to someone who knows more about this stuff than I. We need roughly a ton of lime pellets by the looks of our soil samples. I almost died thinking $1,000 dollars, but luckily it is here locally for $190.00. Now just have to get it transported!!!

Next time I blog I hope to talk about getting stuff in the ground and how everything is growing wonderfully! Until then.